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We utilize the latest technology available

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"The software is so user friendly and easy to use. I love it!"

- Thomas Morrison
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Local Evictions LLC is a Revolutionary Management System
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Court's partner with Local Evictions to offer the most efficient way of processing online filings in their county. Landlords, Management Companies, and Attorneys love our system because it helps them get automatic real time communication, collaboration and tracking of ALL cases.


  • Eviction Filing

    Start and manage the entire dispossessory filing/eviction process online. You will receive automatic real-time status notifications via email. Notifications include confirmation that the eviction was filed, notice that the eviction was served and the method of service, writ of possession requested, notice of hearing with court date and time, and cancellation of the order in the event the tenant pays prior to filing.

  • Physical Eviction Set-Outs

    We appreciate the sensitive nature of eviction set-outs and treat the process with highest degree of respect. Each eviction is carried out with a great deal of organization and always under the supervision of law enforcement to ensure that the process is completed in a safe and timely manner.

  • Resident Screening

    We will screen potential residents. Screenings include verification of employment and rental history as well as credit and background reports.

  • Inspections

    We will perform a Pre-Eviction Inspections/Occupancy Checks prior to the scheduled eviction, whenever there is any doubt that a property is still occupied.

  • Collections

    We offer collection services related to unpaid rent and related fees. You can submit a collections request and begin the debt recovery process, whether you have filed an eviction case or not. There is no cost to you unless we collect.

  • Hauling Service

    Our trained staff will quickly and efficiently remove all of the previous tenant’s rubbish from the property leaving the property to be prepared for in move-in condition.

Why Choose Local Evictions?

  • Paperless Office

    Our automated online system greatly reduces and even eliminates the use of paper. This is done by converting court documents into digital form. By going paperless, we can save you money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information-sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and help the environment.

  • Faster Turn Time

    The dispossessory filing/eviction process is simplified through our automated online system.Turnaround times are drastically improved through automation. Automation provides added value through improved efficiency coupled with a reduction in processing time.

  • Best Technology

    We proudly and conveniently offer our services by utilizing the latest technology available. Our website has allowed us to create a streamlined process for our clients to file and track evictions from start to finish.

  • Real Time Tracking/Updates

    Our clients will receive automatic email status notifications. Notifications include confirmation of eviction filing, notice of service of service, and notice of hearing as well as many other features.

  • Safe and Secure

    Rest assured that our through our automated online system personal information will be secure. Your eviction cases are filed online allowing you to manage and track each step of your case through a secured account.

  • Intiate Eviction From Anywhere

    Access your account via internet, anytime and anywhere! Managing several eviction cases across a regional or national portfolio is simple and easy with Local Evictions. Our automated online system enables you to keep a bird’s eye view on all cases while providing you with valuable insight into portfolio operations.

  • Increase Tenant Retention

    Our automated online system helps to cut down on time and cost when executing tenant retention campaigns. With time and money saved, landlords and property managers can pursue other profit-building efforts.

  • Pricing

    We provide exceptional service for an affordable price. We offer court cost coverage with automated invoice management all for a flat fee with - NO  hidden costs.